Tailored Growth Strategies for Every Business Milestone

Business Strategy

Every business journey is unique, requiring a tailored, dynamic approach for strategic growth. Engage Entellect’s industry experts to navigate your path with a keen understanding of your organization’s needs and market dynamics. We excel when involved from the onset, providing comprehensive support for decision-making and operational efficiencies. Yet, our agility allows us to step in at crucial junctures, adding value when it matters most. Whether early-stage consultation or late-stage intervention, our strategic input amplifies your potential, propelling your business forward. Let our expertise fuel your growth, enhancing your competitive edge while ensuring a balanced, sustainable approach to your business operations. With Entellect, your vision becomes our mission.


Demonstrating Value Over Importance

Our suite of services—Capture and Proposal Management, Strategic Pricing, Contracts and Compliance Risk Management, Executive Coaching, and Strategic Staffing and Recruiting—is meticulously designed to optimize processes, mitigate risks, and reduce costs. Each facet of our expertise helps your business outshine the competition and secure winning contracts, putting into practice the principle of delivering value over importance.

At Entellect, we view every engagement as an opportunity to elevate your business stature and champion your vision. Our mission is to augment your resources and become an integral part of your success journey. With our tailored solutions and relentless focus on delivering value, we expand your capabilities, forge a path for enduring success, and demonstrate the tangible benefits of our partnership.

Capture Planning and Proposal Development. Opportunity Identification • Bid/No-Bid Support • Core Capabilities Analysis • Statement of Work Gap Analysis • Teaming Analysis & Subcontracting Support • Black Hat Reviews • Process Improvement • Proposal Management • Proposal Writing • Proposal Editing and Production • Color Team Reviews • Compliance Reviews • Oral Presentation Coaching

Contract and Compliance Risk Support. Contracts Process Evaluation and Improvement • Contract Reviews • Contract Negotiations • Contract Risk Identification, Management, and Mitigation • Contract Compliance • Contract Administration • Subcontract Management

Strategic Growth and Business Development Management. Strategic Planning • Converting from Subbing to Priming • Market Assessment • Account Development and Management • Opportunity Identification • Pipeline Development • Capture Planning, Management and Training • Strategic Teaming • Contracts/Subcontracts Management • Talent Management • Process Development

Business Operations Optimization. Business Development & Capture Management Optimization • Pipeline Development and Opportunity Identification • Proposal Development and Process Improvement • Process Development and Improvement • Training and Leadership Development • Change Management • Organizational Change Management • Cross-Functional Collaboration • PMO/Portfolio Financial Management Support Services

Strategic Pricing Support. Proposal Pricing & Cost Volume Development • Price To Win (PTW) for current, incumbent or BlueSky opportunities • Competitive Pricing Analysis • Incurred Cost pricing expertise • Cost/Price Negotiations Analysis and Support • Subcontractor Rate Establishment and Price Negotiations • Strategic Pricing Strategy • Develop and Analyze Pricing Models