Entellect is a full life-cycle business development boutique company that works with companies to help them scale their current processes and resources. We provide a variety of services including Capture Management, Proposal Management, Strategic Pricing, Contracts and Compliance Risk, and Business Operations Optimization, all of which play a part in allowing companies to win contracts in the short term and become more efficient, cost-effective firms. Our cadre of experts help companies scale up by augmenting their current resources and elevating their marketplace status to make them more competitive. We offer tailored solutions to expand your capabilities and efficiently support enduring success. Explore our Service Areas or Request a Quote to learn more.

Capture Planning and Proposal Development

Contract and Compliance Risk Support

Strategic Growth and Business Development Management

Business Operations Optimization

Strategic Pricing Support

What Entellect Offers

Entellect helps companies target the right opportunities that will give the greatest return on investment. We have decades of experience identifying the most vital resources, relationships, and processes necessary to target the right opportunity in the capture phase and leveraging these tools efficiently and expertly to create winning proposals.

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