Entellect was founded by Tan Wilson in 2005

Tan V. Wilson

About Entellect

Entellect is your partner in business success. Comprised of industry veterans from small enterprises and renowned large integrators, our team delivers unmatched strategic acumen to accelerate growth and streamline operations. We don’t just provide services – we add value, working hands-on with your business and shaping solutions tailored to your unique needs. With our deep understanding of the marketplace, we help companies to stand out in a crowded field, advancing strategic growth and long-term prosperity. Discover more about our experts and how we can fuel your business transformation.

“A leader doesn’t hide behind a desk. A leader takes risks.” — Beth Dutton

The Catalysts that Drive Growth

Actual growth stems from genuine partnerships and innovative strategies. At Entellect, we pride ourselves on being more than consultants – we are active partners in your journey toward growth. Recognizing the unique nature of each business challenge, we avoid repurposed templates and one-size-fits-all strategies. Instead, we align our approach with your specific needs and the market dynamics, tailoring techniques to ensure you emerge victorious in a highly competitive environment. Our strategic guidance, born from in-depth understanding and swift decision-making, provides solutions ideally suited to your unique situation. Experience growth-fueling partnerships with Entellect, where we push boundaries and defy market norms to be the catalyst of your success.

Tan Wilson — Recognized as one of “The NEW Power Women of GovCon” 2024 by DCA Live. We celebrate Tan and all the women who deserve all the recognition for their continued diligence and contribution to our industry.