Capture Planning

Entellect helps you manage business opportunities by implementing clear, effective strategies  for a coordinated approach for identifying valuable business opportunities as well as formulating and implementing strategies to win these opportunities. We help develop your capture plan, coach your team in executing capture initiatives, and raise your competitiveness through a well-defined process. Under the direction of a member of your executive team we work to develop your capture plan, and coach your team in executing these capture initiatives.

We reduce your costs by finding and leveraging efficiencies during strategic pursuits. Together, we prepare your company to write proposals that are customer-focused, compliant, and persuasive—and result in long-term business development success.

  • Bid/No-Bid Support
  • Price-to-Win/Cost Strategy
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Capture Tools
  • Statement of Work Gap Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Subject Matter Experts’ (SME) Growth, Support and Mentoring

Bid/No-Bid Support

Entellect believes most companies would be better off bidding fewer opportunities and winning more of them.  Creating a simple, repeatable, and effective bid/no-bid decision-making process is invaluable in helping a company to reduce costs and improve both revenues and profits.

Price-to-Win/Cost Strategy

Our pricing/cost experts work with you to ensure your price is responsive, competitive, and profitable. Entellect’s PTW analysis is a detailed, results-based assessment of the price your competition is most likely to bid. Our pricing/cost experts and capture managers can build pricing strategies that increase win rate, program profitability, customer/program delivery, and long-term strategic success.

Competitive Assessment

Our competitive assessments (CAs) support capture teams, marketing, and business development organizations and provide a sound basis of probability of win and to build an effective win strategy.

Opportunity Identification

Entellect believes that in order to implement your business plan development strategies, you need to find the agencies or potential customers with that specific requirement and funding.  Opportunity identification is the search for those agencies.  Opportunity capture is the course of action to secure those resources needed to identify those customers, and to put your company in a strong position to write a winning proposal.

Statement of Work Gap Analysis

Before you choose the best solution, you need to identify what is necessary in order to meet a proposal’s objectives. Entellect helps you identify the gap between your current situation and your goal, along with the tasks that you need to close this gap. We can then help you find the right team member to bridge those gaps.

Strategy Development

We develop strategies to achieve long- and short-term business goals. In addition to identifying business opportunities, we assess threats— as well as the strengths and weaknesses—of your business.

Subject Matter Experts’ (SME) Growth, Support and Mentoring

Entellect understands that the needs of small and medium businesses vary greatly from those of larger organizations.  Our SME’s look closely at your goals and resources and help you to achieve growth and success through appropriate and viable business plans and strategies.