Proposal Services

We help you to incorporate best practices and provide the tools to create and manage effective formal, informal, solicited and unsolicited proposals. Entellect specializes in IT, systems integration, professional, engineering, environmental and construction services. In addition, we provide high-tech products and solutions procurements, and a complete proposal team to manage proposal development from RFP to delivery or provide individual experts to augment your proposal team.

Our flexibility allows us to support you on-site, remotely, or both; we can also combine remote work with on-site meetings to benefit from both methods.

Using Shipley Best Practices, we work synergistically with your proposal process, or apply our own process if little or no formal proposal process exists. We are process-oriented, customizing our inventory of methodologies to achieve a synergy with the processes already in place in your organization.

  • Teaming and Subcontracting Support
  • Proposal Management Plan
  • Risk Management
  • Proposal Reviews
  • Oral Presentation Coaching
  • Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Teaming and Subcontracting Support

Our team of proposal managers, coordinators, writers, desktop publishers and designers are heavily vested in Entellect.  We tend to think of ourselves as your extended family, doing whatever is necessary to ensure that you meet your goal(s).

Selecting the person(s) best suited for each project is the key to the success of any winning proposal team.  We know the personality and capability of each Entellect team member; therefore, we can strategically match them with the appropriate project(s).

Proposal Management Plan

Entellect’s Proposal Management Plan (PMP) is the “playbook” for managing our proposals. It contains milestones and key information relevant to the RFP requirements. Our PMP contains administrative information, team contacts, proposal schedule, formatting and evaluation instructions.

Risk Management

Developing an effective Risk Management Plan is an important part of the proposal process. Entellect knows that issues often do come up, and without a well-developed plan, even small issues can become emergencies. We plan for contingencies such as schedule slippages or resourcing shortages. We always have a “Plan B” developed to mitigate any potential risk.

Proposal Reviews

Our proposal reviewers have experience leading and participating in Blue, Pink, Red, and Gold Reviews and in assessing technical, management, resume, past performance, and cost/price volumes. Our reviewers come prepared. Prior to the review, they become conversant with the RFP and all supporting documentation. Reviewers recommend specific fixes and improvements to enhance the proposal and its compliance.

Oral Presentation Coaching

Many RFPs now stipulate that only those working on the contract may make oral presentations to government agency procurement panels.  Since an oral presentation is often the tiebreaker in deadlocked bids, your company's future is increasingly dependent upon your technical team's presentational skills.  We assist your company experts by adapting coaching and training for the critical oral presentation needs of your staff and the proposal.

Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Incorporating Shipley Best Practices into standard procedures and processes helps to avoid typical traps encounter by proposal professionals. These basic steps include defining and mapping your proposal process, identifying which best practices to incorporate, defining roles and responsibilities along with corresponding process inputs/outputs, developing standard writing and work instructions, training and re-training the proposal team in best practices, and applying lessons learned from previous experiences.

SharePoint Collaboration

Entellect can now create and host a specific site for each proposal engagement to -- customize, consolidate, organize, secure and capitalize on productivity. We use resources such as Microsoft 365 SharePoint to easily manage workflows and document control.