Program and Project Management

The Entellect program/project management approach is based on the PMI Five Process Groups. Our mantra at Entellect is “process, process, process”. We can’t emphasize this enough as each process group clearly defines and addresses all elements of a proposal, capture, or program/project management process.

Entellect's process is as follows:

  • Initiating – Defines and authorizes the project
  • Planning – Describes how the project will be managed
  • Executing – Helps the project groups work together to complete the work
  • Monitoring and Controlling – Checks the progress of the project and corrects problems
  • Closing – Formally closes each phase or the project and receives approval of the project work for the phase or projects

The Nine Knowledge Areas offers a framework for complete project management. Each of the knowledge areas are part of every proposal, capture, and program/project management process. This offers a framework for complete project management. Each of the knowledge areas are part of every solicitation and proposal development process.

We apply the PMBOK to Proposals and Program Management by:

Integration Management

Viewing activities from both a tactical, day-to-day viewpoint and a larger, more strategic perspective.

Communication Management

Ensuring constant and clear communication with all stakeholders and team members.

Scope Management

Ensuring that the exact work and deliverables required to achieve the client’s goals are included in the scope.

Time Management

Identifying the tasks and activities required to deliver the complete plan/proposal within realistic schedule.

Cost Management

Creating and maintaining realistic proposal costs.

Quality Management

Planning for the quality of the deliverables through color team reviews.

Human Resource Management

Attracting, selecting, motivating, and managing all the people involved with capture and proposal process.

Risk Management

Working with the team to identify and deciding how to mitigate or avoid capture and proposal risk.